A Bug's Life Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Access All Levels Cheat
81099150 000F
Infinite Health Cheat
811E1A2C 0004
Infinite Lives Cheat
801E1A38 0009
All Enemies Killed Cheat
811E1A26 0000
Always Have Super Jump Cheat
811E1A28 0020
Max Grain Cheat
801E1A39 0032
Have All FLIK Cheat
801E1A3A 000F
Berry Cheats
Note: Do not use the following Gameshark cheats together.
Start With The Blueberry Cheat
811E1A2E 0001
Start With The Homing Berry Cheat
811E1A2E 0002
Start With The Goldberry Cheat
811E1A2E 0003