All Star Baseball '99 Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Manual Camera In Home Run Derby Cheat
To use the manual camera option in Home Run Derby, start a regular game not Home Run Derby, then turn on the manual camera view then exit the game and enter Home Run Derby. Now any controller that isn't used to control players can control camera view.
Slow Motion And Freeze Game
Go to options and choose manual camera, then when playing, you can press Left on the + pad to freeze the game and Right on the + Pad to turn on slow motion.
Big Heads, Bats And Feet
At the Cheat Menu screen enter GOTHELIUM.
Paper Players
At the Cheat Menu screen enter PRPPAPLYR.
Ultimate Cheat Play Against Aliens
At the Cheat Menu screen enter ATEMYBUIK. Then start a game and choose the Alienopolis stadium. The second team will then be Aliens named the Abductors.