Banjo Kazooie Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.0
Nintendo 64

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You must have Gameshark version 1.08 or higher to use BanjoKazooie Gameshark cheats! And Use The Diddy Kong Racing KeyCode

There are two version of Banjo Kazooie so if these Gameshark cheats don't work with your game try these
Banjo Kazooie Gameshark Cheats Version 1.1

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Enable Code Must Be On!
DE000400 0000
8124C9D8 1700
812876A4 1700
812D3DC0 1300
Get The Ice Key Without Banjo Tooie!!!
First activate the Flying Banjo Kazooie Gameshark cheat below then go to Freezeezy Peak and enter the walrus cave then Press L to fly and fly Banjo Kazooie over the wall into the cave with the ice key and land on the floor on that side then just grab the key!!! Note: I don't mean fly over the ice door I mean the cave wall.
After you get the ice key Kazooie will say cool we better keep this for later, then if you pause the game and select View Totals and go all the way to the right you will see a new section called Stop N Swap the ice key will be shown there you'll also notice there is space there for the two eggs you can't get to yet.
Flying Banjo Kazooie Cheat
After activating the Gameshark code while playing Press L to make Banjo and Kazooie fly as high as you want let go of L and they will fall. This also works if you are another creature.
D0281251 0020
8137C4BC 43E0
Get 101 Notes In Each Level Cheat
Enter this Gameshark cheat 80385F63 0064 then enter the level you want 101 notes in and grab 1 note bottles will talk then leave the level and you will will have 101 notes for that level.
Infinite Lives Cheat
80385F8B 0009
Infinite Health Code
80385F83 0008
Infinite Air Cheat
81385F8E 0E10
Infinite Jiggys Code
80385FCB 0063
Infinite Mumbo Tokens Cheat
80385FC7 0063
Infinite Eggs Code
80385F67 0063
Infinite Red Feathers Cheat
80385F6F 0063
Infinite Gold Feathers Code
80385F73 0063
Infinite Notes Cheat
80385F63 0063
Have All Jinjos Cheat
80385F7B 0010
Time Always 0:00:08 Code
81386004 4100