Banjo Kazooie Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.1
Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

You must have Gameshark version 1.08 or higher to use BanjoKazooie Gameshark cheats! And Use The Diddy Kong Racing KeyCode

There are two versions of Banjo Kazooie so if these gameshark cheats don't work with your game use these
Banjo Kazooie Gameshark Cheats Version 1.0

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Enable Code Must Be On!
DE000400 0000
8124B728 1700
812864E4 1700
812D2E00 1300
Infinite Health Cheat
803851A3 0008
803851A7 0008
Infinite Lives Cheat
803851AB 0009
Flying Banjo Kazooie Cheat
After activating the Gameshark code while playing Press L to make Banjo and Kazooie fly as high as you want let go of L and they will fall. This also works if you are another creature.
D02804C9 0020
8137B6BC 43E0
Infinite Air Cheat
813851AE 0E10
Infinite Eggs Cheat
80385187 0063
Time Is Always 0:00:08 Cheat
8138524C 4100
Maximum Health Cheat
803851A7 0008
Infinite Mumbo Tokens Cheat
803851E7 0063
Infinite Jiggys Cheat
803851EB 0063
Infinite Notes Cheat
80385183 0063
Have All Jinjos Cheat
8038519B 0010
Infinite Gold Feathers Cheat
80385193 0063
Infinite Red Feathers Cheat
8038518F 0063