Beetle Adventure Racing Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Always Get 1st Place Cheat
81025DD4 1110
81025DDC 3F40
Infinite Continues Cheat
8002CC57 0005
Low Timer Cheat
81025DD4 3F40
All Cars Cheat
8002CFF7 000B
All Tracks Cheat
8002CFF3 0006
Access All Difficulties Cheat
8002CFFB 0003
Access The Number Of Ladybugs Cheat
8002D009 0001
Access The Ladybug Color Change Cheat
8002D00A 0001
Access The Health Cheat
8002D00B 0001
Access The Power-ups Cheat
8002D00C 0001
Access The Time Limit Cheat
8002D00D 0001
Access The Radar Cheat
8002D00E 0001
Access The Damage Cheat
8002D00F 0001
Access The ? Mode Cheat
8002D010 0001
Access The Time Attack Bonus Boxes Cheat
8002D011 0001
Access The Breakables Cheat
8002D012 0001
Access The Environment Cheat
8002D013 0001
Access The Cars Cheat
8002D014 0001
Access The Handicap Two Player Cheat
8002D015 0001
Access The Color Change Cheat
8002D016 0001
Access The Field Of View Cheat
8002D017 0001
Access The Horn Cheat
8002D018 0001
Access The Track Music Cheat
8002D019 0001
Access The Handbrake Power Cheat
8002D01A 0001
Access Airport Multi-Player
8002D000 0001
Access Parkade Multi-Player
8002D001 0001
Access Stadium Multi-Player
8002D002 0001
Access Castle Multi-Player
8002D003 0001
Access Ice Flows Multi-Player
8002D004 0001
Access Volcano Multi-Player
8002D005 0001
Access Dunes Multi-Player
8002D006 0001
Access Roof Tops Multi-Player
8002D007 0001
Access Woods Multi-Player
8002D008 0001