Castlevania Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Fly Mode Cheat
Note: Hold the L Button to go as high as you want and let go to fall.
D0387D7F 0020
81350810 3FCB
Infinite Gold Cheat
81389C44 0001
Infinite Sun Cards Cheat
81389C5E 0100
Infinite Moon Cards Cheat
81389C5E 0001
Infinite Mandragora Code
81389C5C 0001
Infinite Nitros Code
81389C5C 0000
Have 10 Healing Kits Cheat
81389C4E 000A
Faster Time Cheat
81389C30 00FF
Infinite Health Cheat
81389C3E 0064
Play As Carrie On A Reinhardt Saved Game Cheat
81389C3C 0001
Play As Reinhardt On A Carrie Saved Game Cheat
81389C3C 0000
Have Special Crystal 1 Cheat
81389C4A 0001
Have Special Crystal 2 Cheat
81389C4C 0100
Stop The Timer Cheat
81389C31 0001
Have The Engagement Ring Cheat
81389C5A 0001
Have The First Nitro Cheat
Warning: Do not use this code until you are passed the Villa.
81389C5C 0001
Infinite Throwing Weapon Cheat
81389C48 000A
Have Throwing Weapon Gameshark Cheats
Note: Do not use the following codes together.
Have Knife Cheat
81389C42 0001
Have Axe Cheat
81389C42 0004
Have Holy Water Cheat
81389C42 0002
Have Cross Cheat
81389C42 0003