Cruisn' World Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

You must have Gameshark version 1.08 or higher to use Cruisn' World Gameshark cheats! And Use The Yoshi's Story Keycode KeyCode

For The Regular Cruisn' World Cheats Click Here
Enable Code Must Be On!
DE2AD400 0000
812FE5EC 2402
812FE5EE 0001
Player 1 Always Gets First Place Cheat
803CE023 0001
Infinite Time Cheat
813D0D3C 4296
Have All Car Upgrades Cheat
803BEE42 0005
Have All Cars Cheat
813BEE78 1FFF
Always Race On Moon Cheat
803BF2EF 000F
Dancing Girl Always There Code
803BEE73 0001
803C21CF 0054
Have The Grass Hopper
813BEE78 0001
Have The Bull Dog
813BEE78 0002
Have The Enforcer
813BEE78 0004
Have The Taxi
813BEE78 0008
Have The School Bus
813BEE78 0010
Have The Exec
813BEE78 0020
Have The Conductor
813BEE78 0040
Have The Speed Demon
813BEE78 0080
Have The Tommy
813BEE78 0100
Have The Rocket
813BEE78 0200
Have The Surgeon
813BEE78 0400
Have The Monsta
813BEE78 0800
Have The Howler
813BEE78 1000