Doom 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Invincibility Cheat
8006330B 0002
Infinite Armor Cheat
8006326F 00FF
Always Have The Bio Suit Cheat
80063283 00FF
Always Berserk Cheat
8006327B 00FF
Key Cheat Codes
Have The Blue Key Cheat
8006328F 0001
Have The Yellow Key Code
80063293 0001
Have The Red Key Cheat
80063297 0001
Have The Blue Skull Key Code
8006329B 0001
Have The Yellow Skull Key Cheat
8006329F 0001
Have The Red Skull Key Code
800632A3 0001
Ammo Cheat Codes
Gun And Chain Gun Ammo Cheat
800632E3 00FF
Shotgun Ammo Code
800632E7 0064
Plasma, BFG, And Laser Weapon Ammo Cheat
800632EB 0064
Missile Ammo Code
800632EF 0064
Gun Cheat Codes
Always Have The Gun Cheat
800632C3 0001
Always Have The Shotgun Cheat
800632C7 0001
Always Have The Double Shotgun Cheat
800632CB 0001
Always Have The Chain Gun Cheat
800632CF 0001
Always Have The Missile Launcher Cheat
800632D3 0001
Always Have The Chainsaw Cheat
800632BB 0001
Always Have The Plasma Rifle Cheat
800632D7 0001
Always Have The BFG 9000 Cheat
800632DB 0001
Always Have The Rocket Launcher Cheat
800632D1 0001
Always Have The Laser Weapon Cheat
800632DD 0001