Resident Evil Code Veronica Cheats

Sega Dreamcast

Access Battle Mode
Complete Resident Evil Code Veronica on any difficulty, and save your game, then you will be able to access Battle Mode from the Title Screen.
Access Albert Wesker
Complete Battle Mode with Chris Redfield.
Play As Alternate Chris In Battle Mode
Complete Battle Mode using Wesker.
Access First Person View Option In Battle Mode
Take Alfred Ashford's sniper rifle when he drops it on Disc 2.
Play As Hunk
Complete the game on Normal Difficulty in under three and a half hours, and collect all files.
Access Linear Launcher In Battle Mode
In Battle Mode get an A Ranking with Steve, Chris, Wesker, & Both Claires.
Access Rocket Launcher
Complete Resident Evil Code Veronica with an A Ranking, and save your game, then start another game, and the Rocket Launcher will be stored in the Item Box.
Getting An A Ranking In The Main Game
To get a Ranking of A you must complete the folowing objectives during the game:
You must get the Medicine for the Jailer Rodrigo.
You must save Steve from the Luger room quickly.
Do not use a First Aid Spray.
Do not save (other than saving to switch discs).
Don't retry.
And complete the game in under 4 hours and 30 minutes.