Duke Nukem 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Infinite Health In Level 1 Cheat
80247463 00FF
Have All The Keys Cheat
802A5A47 000F
Weapon Cheat Codes
Infinite Pistol Ammo Cheat
802A5A01 00FF
Have The The Shotgun Cheat
802A5ABB 0001
Infinite Shotgun Ammo Code
802A5A03 00FF
Have The Sub Machine Guns Cheat
802A5ABC 0001
Infinite SMG Ammo Cheat
802A5A05 00FF
Have The Grenade Launcher Cheat
802A5ABD 0001
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo Code
802A5A07 00FF
Have The Pipe Bombs Cheat
802A5ABE 0001
Infinite Pipe Bomb Ammo Cheat
802A5A09 00FF
Have The Shrinker Cheat
802A5ABF 0001
Infinite Shrinker Ammo Code
802A5A0B 00FF
Have The Expander Cheat
802A5AC0 0001
Infinite Expander Ammo Cheat
802A5A0D 00FF
Have The Missile Launcher Cheat
802A5AC1 0001
Infinite Missile Launcher Ammo Code
802A5A0F 00FF
Have The Plasma Cannon Cheat
802A5AC2 0001
Infinite Plasma Cannon Ammo Cheat
802A5A11 00FF
Have The Laser Trip Bomb Cheat
802A5AC3 0001
Infinite Laser Trip Bomb Ammo Code
802A5A13 00FF
Item Cheat Codes
Infinite Armor Cheat
812A5A92 0064
Infinite Vitamin X Cheat
812A5A90 0190
Infinite Jet Pack Cheat
812A5A8E 0640
Infinite Scuba Gear Cheat
812A5A8C 1900
Infinite Night Vision Cheat
812A5A5C 0640
Infinite Holoduke Cheat
812A5A2C 0640
Infinite Portable Medikit Cheat
812A5A4A 0064
Infinite Protective Boots Cheat
812A5AA2 00C8
In-Game Cheat Menu Cheat Codes
Open The In-Game Cheat Menu
801012D8 0001
Open Invincibility Cheat
801012DC 0001
Open Monsters Cheat
801012E0 0001
Open All Items Cheat
801012E4 0001
Open Goto Level ?? Cheat
801012E8 0001