Duke Nukem Zero Hour Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Fly Mode Cheat
Note: Hold the L Button to go as high as you want and let go to fall.
D0117DF4 0008
D0117DF4 0008
81117EEE FC00
Can't Jump
81117F1C 0100
Sniper Rifle With Infinite Ammo Cheat
8011A84D 0005
8011A85B 0004
Infinite Night Vision Cheat
8010A954 000A
8010A955 008C
Infinite Scuba Gear/Dive Helmet Cheat
8010A94C 0007
8010A94D 0008
Have Pistol
8111A6A8 0001
Infinite Ammo Pistol
8111A6AA 0063
8111A6B0 0000
Pistol Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A6B2 0000
Have Shotgun
8111A6D0 0001
Infinite Ammo Shotgun
8111A6D2 0063
8111A6D8 0000
Shotgun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A6DA 0000
Have Machine Gun
8111A6F8 0001
Infinite Ammo Machine Gun
8111A6FA 0063
8111A700 0000
Machine Gun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A702 0000
Have Grenade Launcher
8111A720 0001
Infinite Ammo Grenade Launcher
8111A722 0063
8111A728 0000
Grenade Launcher Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A72A 0000
Have Pipe Bomb
8111A748 0001
Infinite Ammo Pipe Bomb
8111A74A 0063
8111A750 0000
Pipe Bomb Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A752 0000
Have Dynamite
8111A770 0001
Infinite Ammo Dynamite
8111A772 0063
8111A778 0000
Dynamite Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A77A 0000
Have ?
8111A798 0001
Infinite Ammo ?
8111A79A 0063
8111A7A0 0000
? Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A7A2 0000
Have Machine Shotgun
8111A7C0 0001
Infinite Ammo Machine Shotgun
8111A7C2 0063
8111A7C8 0000
Machine Shotgun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A7CA 0000
Have Plasma Gun
8111A7E8 0001
Infinite Ammo Plasma Gun
8111A7EA 0063
8111A7F0 0000
Plasma Gun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A7F2 0000
Have Lasergun
8111A810 0001
Infinite Ammo Lasergun
8111A812 0063
8111A818 0000
Lasergun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A81A 0000
Have Handgun
8111A6D0 0001
Infinite Ammo Handgun
8111A6D2 0063
8111A6D8 0000
Handgun Doesn't Need To Reload
8111A6DA 0000
Infinite Health In Mean Streets Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019F061 0980
Infinite Health In Liberty Or Death Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E955 0980
Infinite Health In Nuclear Winter Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E4D9 0980
Infinite Health In Secret Level: Wetworld Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019DA99 0980
Infinite Health In Fallout Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019D61D 0980
Infinite Health In Under Siege Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E4D9 0980
Infinite Health In Boss Hog Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019BF0D 0980
Infinite Health In Dry Town Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019FB45 0980
Infinite Health In Jailbreak Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E1A5 0980
Infinite Health In Up Ship Creek Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E391 0980
Infinite Health In Fort Roswell Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019F395 0980
Infinite Health In Probing The Depths Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019E05D 0980
Infinite Health In Cyborg Scorpion Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019C055 0980
Infinite Health In The Whitechapel Killings Cheat
80117F1F 0980
8019F1A9 0980
New York City Cheats
Infinite Health Cheat
8019F061 0064
Infinite Air Cheat
8111814A 0258
Infinite Medi Kits Cheat
8010A953 0064
Infinite Night Vision Cheat
8110A954 0A8C
Infinite Gas Mask Cheat
8110A956 0708
Infinite Vitamin X Cheat
8110A94E 0384