Earthworm Jim 3D Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Infinite Health Cheat
800C690F 0064
Infinite Lives Cheat
800C6913 0063
Start With 100 Marbles Cheat
D00E9FF3 0000
800E9FF3 0064
Maximum Green Marbles
810E9FF2 0064
Have All Gold Udders
Note: You must have Gameshark version 3.0 or better for this cheat code to work.
50002802 0000
810C625A 0101
Have Rocket Launcher Equipped
810C6A8E 0002
Have Banana Peel Bombs Equipped
810C6A8E 0004
Have Laser Equipped
810C6A8E 0005
Have Green Slimer Equipped
810C6A8E 0006
Have Egg Chucker Equipped
810C6A8E 0007
Have Shotgun Equipped
810C6A8E 0009
Have Music Gun Equipped
810C6A8E 000A
Have Boomerang Knife Equipped
810C6A8E 000B
Have Mushrooms Equipped
810C6A8E 000C
Infinite Ammo Blaster
810C6916 03E7
Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher
810C6946 03E7
Infinite Ammo Banana Peel Bomb
810C6976 03E7
Infinite Ammo Laser
810C698E 03E7
Infinite Ammo Green Slimer
810C69A6 03E7
Infinite Ammo Egg Chucker
810C69BE 03E7
Infintie Ammo Shotgun
810C69EE 03E7
Infinite Ammo Music Gun
810C6A06 03E7
Infinite Ammo Boomerang Knives
810C6A1E 03E7
Infinite Ammo Mushrooms
810C6A36 03E7