Excitebike 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.
You must have Gameshark version 3.0 or better and use the Diddy Kong Racing Keycode to use these Excitebike 64 Gameshark cheats.

Enable Code Must Be On!
DE000400 0000
F100C630 2400
F1000440 3C01
F1000442 A03B
F1000444 0800
F1000446 06A9
F1000448 AC20
F100044A 7920
F10014E8 0C00
F10014EA 0110
D10658DE 1026
810658D4 3C02
D10658DE 1026
810658D6 AC29
Always Low Temperature Cheat
810E4F98 0000
810E4F9A 0000
Access Silver & Gold Cup Cheat
810F2D4E 0003
Access All Difficulties & Special Tracks Cheat
810F2D50 FFFF
Maximum Stunt Points Cheat
810E4D18 0098
810E4D1A 967F
Player 1 Quick Finish Cheat
800E4FB5 0000
800E4FB9 0000
810F17CC 00FF
Always Have Stunt Mirror Cheat
800E4D4E 0009
Auto Pilot Always On Turbo Original Excitebike Mode
810E3142 19AA