F-Zero X Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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You must have Gameshark version 1.08 or higher to use F-Zero X Gameshark cheats! And Use The Yoshi's Story KeyCode

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Enable Code Must Be On!
DE067000 0000
Infinite Lives Cheat
800E5ED9 0005
Time Is Always 00'00"00 And Always Get 1st Place Cheat
812C4BC0 0000
812C4BC2 0001
Unlock Everything Cheat
800CD3C8 0001
Only Have One Lap To Race Cheat
D02C4BC9 0000
812C4BC8 0002
D02C4BCB 0001
812C4BCA 0002
Infinite Shield Cheat
812C4B48 4326
812C4B4C 4326
Maximum Shield Cheat
812C4B4C 4326
Have Boost From The Start Cheat
D02C4DAC 003F
802C4925 0050