Gameshark Keycodes

Nintendo 64

Note: The Playstation does not use Keycodes.

To use Gameshark Keycodes you must have Gameshark version 1.08 or higher if you do have at least version 1.08 you can use the Diddy Kong Racing keycode you need 1.09 or higher for the Yoshi's Story keycode and you need Gameshark version 2.2 or higher to use the Zelda keycode.

Do not ask for keycodes because if you have the Gameshark version that can use the needed keycode it would be on your Gameshark already, and if you don't have the correct version you just can't use the keycode.

Warning!!: Do NOT turn on a Keycode if you don't have the game that uses it or you will not be able to use your Gameshark until a game using that Keycode is in.