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The All bonds cheat is NOT real it was an April Fools Joke in EGM magazine please stop emailing me about it there is no way to use any of the James Bonds from older movies in Goldeneye 007 NO WAY! Rare was going to have other Bonds playable in Goldeneye 007, but removed them before release. I suggest everyone boycott EGM magazine and don't believe your friends if they tell you they got it to work they're full of #@$%.

Even though you can't really play as the different Bonds you can see the pictures that were going to be used for them go to the main Goldeneye 007 Gameshark Cheats Page for how.

Yes you can fake the all bonds cheat with a Gameshark cheat, but it's a pretty crappy code I'll put it up if anyone asks for it though.

Yes there are pictures going around on the internet and in some magazines that show other bonds in the game here is a sample of some of them and an explanation of where they came from.

This is from old advertising.

This is a FAKE but the pictures used in it are real.

This one is a FAKE!

If you want to see another picture of one of the old Bonds taken out of the game look on page 20 of the Goldeneye 007 manual.

If you would still like to know the cheat here it is but it doesn't work! So don't complain to me if you try it!!

Get all the Goldeneye 007 in-game cheats but don't turn them on then go to the Aztec level in 007 mode and set enemy health at 200% enemy damage at 100% enemy accuracy at 100% enemy reaction speed at 100% and complete the level in under 9:00

Don't bother it's not a real cheat! I've done it and it doesn't work.