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Nintendo 64

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3rd Person View In Multi Player Code
80036497 0009
80036498 0001
In Facility Be Able To Go Through The Grate In The Vent Cheat
801B3F87 000E
801B3F94 00FF
In Runway Press L To Make The Plane Take Off Cheat
D0064F31 0020
8003097A 0019
In Runway Plane Won't Take Off In Cut Scene Code
8003097A 0001
Giant Bond (Watch Dam Opening Scene)
Note: This code is very glitchy
803573FA FFFF
Programmers Debug Cheat (Includes Max Ammo, Completed Objectives, More...)
81036F6C 0000
81036F6E 0002
D0064F31 000C
80024303 0001
After activating the Gameshark cheat code and starting the game while playing a level Press Up C and Down C together a glitchy menu will come up use the + pad to select the different options.
Here is a list of what I'm pretty sure each option is named and if it does anything interesting most aren't even usable in the game. Some will just crash the game. *'s are for unreadable text.
First Row
1 "move view" move anywhere (outside of Bonds body)
2 "stan view"
3 "bond view" normal view
4 "level"
5 "region"
6 "scale"
7 "play title" aborts level
8 "bond die" instant death
Second Row
1 "select anim"
2 "gun pos"
3 "flash colour"
4 "hit colour"
5 "music"
6 "sfx"
7 "invincible" makes you invincible
8 "visible" toggles invisibility on and off
9 "collisions"
10 "all guns" gives all guns sort of glitchy
11 "max ammo" gives maximum ammo on your weapons
Third Row
1 "display speed" gives a display debug
2 "background" shows all sky no land
3 "props"
4 "stan hit"
5 "stan region"
6 "stan proble**"
7 "print *an pos"
8 "port close"
9 "port inf"
10 "port approx"
11 "pr roo* loads"
Fourth Row
1 "show ****"
2 "show ******"
3 "grab rgb"
4 "grab jpeg"
5 "grab ****"
6 "rnd walk"
7 "record r*****"
8 "record 1"
9 "record 2"
10 "record 3"
11 "replay r*****"
12 "save r*****"
13 "load r*****"
Fifth Row
1 "auto y ***"
2 "auto x ***"
3 "007"
4 "agent"
5 "all"
6 "fast" walk a lot faster
7 "objectives" toggle all objectives completed on and off
Seventh Row
1 "show patrols"
2 "intro"
3 "intro edit"
7 "vis cvq" same as line mode
9 "profile"
11 "weapon load"
Eighth Row
7 "testing *****" Room ## and xyz coordinates debug
Everyone Is GIANT! Cheat
Note: Works in the first level you choose, then you have to restart the nintendo 64 again with the same code to use it in another level. This cheat code will often crash the game. One more thing this code is GREAT try it the Dam.
80357416 FFFF
Almost Everyone Is Headless Code
Note: Works in the first level you choose, then you have to restart the nintendo 64 again with the same code to use it in another level. This cheat code will often crash the game.
80357435 FFFF
Dark Levels Cheat Code
800214CA 0007
Half Screen Code
800214AD 0000
Only Play In 4th Player Screen In Single Player Mode Code
800214AD 0001
Life Bar Pops Up In Right Hand Corner When Hurt Code
81021406 FFFF
Debug Mode Code
Note: This will open a cheat in the cheat menu called "NO NAME" turn it on and it will open the debug mode.
80069669 0001
See The Hidden Alternate Bond Pictures
Note: After entering one of these three codes go to Multi-Player and select Characters the normal James Bond picture will be replaced with the classic Bond picture.
Roger Moore Bond Picture Code
A002B19B 0001
Timothy Dalton Bond Picture Code
A002B19B 0002
Sean Connery Bond Picture Code
A002B19B 0003
Infinite Health And Ammo Cheats
Warning: Don't use more than one level (or group of levels)Gameshark cheat code set at a time when some are used together they can cause your game to freeze, so only use one set of cheat codes at a time (ie: Dam Infinite Health cheat and Infinite ammo cheat is ok but using Dam Infinite Health cheat and Ammo cheat with the Runway, Surface 1, & Depot Infinite Health & Ammo cheats could cause glitches.
Note: The Infinite Health Goldeneye 007 Gameshark cheat codes will not stop you from being killed by direct blasts like a bomb right next to you or a rocket in your @#$ and the Infinite Ammo Goldeneye 007 cheat codes will not work on the weapon in your left hand if you have two weapons at once.
Dam Cheats
Infinite Health:
810D303C 3F80
810D304E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800D37FF 0007
Facility Cheats
Infinite Health:
810B643C 3F80
810B644E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800B6BFF 0007
Runway, Surface 1 & Depot Cheats
Infinite Health:
810D943C 3F80
810D944E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800D9BFF 0007
Bunker 1 & Silo Cheats
Infinite Health:
810B3C3C 3F80
810B3C4E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800B43FF 0007
Frigate Cheats
Infinite Health:
810C683C 3F80
810C684E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800C6FFF 0007
Surface 2 Cheats-----THESE CHEATS DO WORK! :)
Infinite Health:
810E5C3C 3F80
810E5C4E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800E63FF 0007
Bunker 2 Cheats
Infinite Health:
810B3C3C 3F80
810B3C4E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800B43FF 0007
Statue Cheats
Infinite Health:
810C543C 3F80
810C544E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800C5BFF 0007
Archives, Cavern, Cradle, & Egypt Cheats
Infinite Health:
810CCC3C 3F80
810CCC4E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800CD3FF 0007
Streets Cheats
Infinite Health:
810D6C3C 3F80
810D6C4E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800D73FF 0007
Train, Jungle, & Control Center Cheats
Infinite Health:
810C043C 3F80
810C044E 0000
Infinite Ammo:
800C0BFF 0007
Aztec Cheats
Infinite Health:
810B003C 3F80
810B003C 3F80
Infinite Ammo:
800B07FF 0007
Use In-game Cheats Without Earning Them
Note: You have to have earned at least one real ingame cheat on Goldeneye for these codes to work.
All Guns Cheat
80069653 0001
Invisible Bond Cheat
8006965A 0001
DK Mode Cheat
8006965C 0001
Enemy Rockets Cheat
8006966C 0001
Fast Animation Cheat
8006966A 0001
Infinite Ammo Cheat
8006965B 0001
Invincible Cheat
80069652 0001
No Radar (Multi) Cheat
80069667 0001
Paint Ball Mode Cheat
8006965F 0001
Slow Animation Cheat
8006966B 0001
Tiny Bond Cheat
8006965E 0001
Turbo Mode Cheat
80069668 0001
2X Grenade Launchers Cheat
8006966E 0001
2X Hunting Knifes Cheat
80069671 0001
2X Laser Cheat
80069672 0001
2X RC-P90 Cheat
8006966F 0001
2X Rocket Launchers Cheat
8006966D 0001
2X Throwing Knife Cheat
80069670 0001
Gold PP7 Cheat
80069665 0001
Golden Gun Cheat
80069663 0001
Laser Cheat
80069662 0001
Magnum Cheat
80069661 0001
Silver PP7 Cheat
80069664 0001
Paintball Mode Cheat
800214DF FFFF
Line Mode Cheat
80069657 0001
Note about Line Mode right now the only way to get it is with the Gameshark Rare might have taken it out of Goldeneye or is keeping the real way to find it very secret to sell Nintendo Power magazines in the future :)
64 Multi-player Characters To Choose Gameshark Cheat
Note: You have to have earned at least one real ingame cheat on Goldeneye for this code to work.
Enter this code into your gameshark 800696A1 0001, then go to the cheat options menu then back out, then choose cheat select mission, play a one player level and abort, now start a multi-player game, go to select character and there should be 64 characters to choose from.
Level Select Cheats
Note: These cheats are great for getting the in-game time cheats but they really take the fun out of earning them so use at your own risk! What these Gameshark cheats do is trick the game into thinking you're on whatever level it says next to the code even though you really play whatever level you choose in the game if you're a little confused here's an example: Say you want the Facility in-game cheat but can't get through the level fast enough enter the Gameshark cheat for Facility then start the game and pick a level that you can get through in under the time needed for Facility like the Runway and choose 00 Agent mode, the file on the level will be the Facility file BUT when you start the game it will be the Runway then you must complete ALL of the 00 Agent mode Runway requirements once you do that the end Facility file will come up but all of it's requirements will not have been completed, but it doesn't matter go to the next screen and if you did the Runway in under the time needed for the Facility in-game cheat it should say new cheat enabled and you've got it!
Dam 8002A8FB 0001
Facility 8002A8FB 0002
Runway 8002A8FB 0003
Depot 8002A8FB 0012
Train 8002A8FB 0013
Jungle 8002A8FB 0015
1st Surface 8002A8FB 0005
Control 8002A8FB 0016
1st Bunker 8002A8FB 0006
Caverns 8002A8FB 0017
Silo 8002A8FB 0008
Cradle 8002A8FB 0018
Frigate 8002A8FB 000A
Aztec 8002A8FB 001A
2nd Surface 8002A8FB 000C
Egyptian Temple 8002A8FB 001C
2nd Bunker 8002A8FB 000D
Archives 8002A8FB 0010
Statue 8002A8FB 000F
Streets 8002A8FB 0011