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These are some of the things that I am most often emailed about Goldeneye 007 every day I get asked about at least one of these things so I thought I'd answer them here.

00 Agent Mode Train Natalya Too Slow!!!
When in 00 Agent Mode if Natalya is to slow for you to get out with her in time try this:
First make sure you get the RCP90 from one of the soldiers near the end of the train then when you enter the room where Natalya is being held hostage immediately position yourself so that the RCP90 is aimed at Ourumovs head with Xenia just a little bit over then hold the fire button shooting Ourumov first and then quickly shooting Xenia a few times after that if you did it correctly Xenia will tell Alec to wait because she's been hit this will give Natalya the extra time she needs.
Will There Be A Goldeneye Sequel?
Yes and no. The Bond game Tomorrow Never Dies came out for the Playstation, but was not made by the makers of Goldeneye 007 (Rare), and was really nothing like Goldeneye 007. The real sequel to Goldeneye will be Perfect Dark it will run on the same engine as Goldeneye 007, and is made by the same people that made Goldeneye, but it will not be a Bond game, but will be GREAT.
Get The In-Game Cheats Without Earning Them
Until March 2000 the Goldeneye 007 button cheat codes had remained undiscovered, but now you can check 'em out on the Goldeneye 007 Cheats page.
Natalya Naked?
Yes. With the help of a Gameshark you perverts can now take off Natalya's clothes it's not as great as you've been imagining for the past few years though :) Click here for the Goldeneye 007 Natalya Gameshark cheats.
Guard Tower On The Lake In The Dam
The guard tower on the lake in the Dam level was originally going to be part of the level, but now cannot be accessed through normal gameplay you can however get to it with the Gameshark No Clipping Code for that level click here for the Goldeneye No Clipping Codes.
Where Are Mayday And Oddjob?
Mayday and Oddjob are only in multiplayer they are NOT in any of the main Goldeneye 007 levels. Accept it! Contrary to a popular rumor neither Mayday or Oddjob are anywhere in the Caverns level.
Spyder Gun In The Goldeneye 007 Manual
The gun named the Spyder on page 16 in the Goldeneye 007 manual is not actually in the game the name was to much like a real gun, so they renamed it in Goldeneye 007 but didn't rename it in the manual. It is called the Klobb in the game.
What Do I Do With Ourumovs Briefcase And Key?
In the Silo level in Goldeneye 007 if you kill Ourumov when he is running from you he will drop a Briefcase a Key and if you check inventory after picking them up there will also be a period there is nothing that you need or can do with these they are just there to bug you.
Paintbrush Weapon
There is no paintbrush weapon!! Sometimes the back of the Sniper Rifle will glitch and look like a paintbrush to add to the confusion there is the Paintball In-game cheat. Here is a way to get the back of the Sniper Rifle to look somewhat like a paintbrush, but it's not: Go to the Dam and kill anyone in your way but don't pick up their weapons go up by the Sniper Rifle and put your weapon on unarmed then pick up the Sniper Rifle then quickly press A three times and you will get the back of the Sniper Rifle to glitch and look almost like a paintbrush it's NOT.
For the last time people it is NOT a paintbrush!! It does look sort of like a paintbrush but it isn't!! It is a sniper rifle GLITCH. Do not email me about this, do not send pictures, do not send more ways to get it I know them all and I know it is NOT a paintbrush it is a glitch that looks like one!!!!!
24th In-game Cheat/Line Mode
After earning all of the in-game cheats there is still space for one more, but you can NOT earn any more cheats in the game you can however get the Line Mode Cheat which was removed from the game at the very last minute with a Gameshark code listed here. or the new button cheat code here.
All Bonds Cheat
Click Here For The Goldeneye 007 All Bonds Cheat