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Strip Natalya Cheats
Note: These only work in the Control Level on Agent difficulty level. Only use one of these at a time. And remember SHE ISN'T REAL!
802052AD 0016
812052AE D710
802052C5 003F
802052C6 00F0
812052E0 F010
812052E2 8EF8
812052E4 0720
812052E6 CEF8
Nothing On Crotch
80206365 0016
81206366 D710
8020637D 003F
8020637E 00F0
81206398 F010
8120639A 8EF8
8120639C 0720
8120639E CEF8
Nothing On Left Fore-arm
80204035 0016
81204036 D710
8020404D 003F
8020404E 00F0
81204068 F010
8120406A 8EF8
8120406C 0720
8120406E CEF8
Nothing On Left Elbow
80203E2D 0016
81203E2E D710
80203E45 003F
80203E46 00F0
81203E60 F010
81203E62 8EF8
81203E64 0720
81203E66 CEF8
Nothing On Right Fore-arm
802047E5 0016
812047E6 D710
802047FD 003F
802047FE 00F0
81204818 F010
8120481A 8EF8
8120481C 0720
8120481E CEF8
Nothing On Right Elbow
802045DD 0016
812045DE D710
802045F5 003F
802045F6 00F0
81204600 F010
81204602 8EF8
81204604 0720
81204606 CEF8
Nothing On Right Leg
80205B15 0016
81205B16 D710
80205B2D 003F
80205B2E 00F0
81205B48 F010
81205B4A 8EF8
81205B4C 0720
81205B4E CEF8
Nothing On Left Leg
8020613D 0016
8120613E D710
80206155 003F
80206156 00F0
81206170 F010
81206172 8EF8
81206174 0720
81206176 CEF8