Harvest Moon 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Infinite Money Cheat
Infinite Chicken Feed Cheat
80237411 005C
Infinite Lumber Cheat
81189E50 0002
80189E51 00FF
Infinite Material Cheat
81189BC6 03E7
81189E50 03E7
Infinite Stamina Cheat
80189060 00FF
Infinite Fodder Cheat
81180714 03E7
81189C06 03E7
Infinite Water Sprays Cheat
8016FBCD 0063
All Recipes Cheat
8016FB03 0007
All Photos Cheat
8118905A FFFF
Infinite Stamina Horse Races Cheat
802F5015 0002
All People Are Your Friends Cheat
Note: You must have Gameshark pro version 3.0 or higher to use this cheat code.
50002601 0000
801C3F90 00FF
All People Are Your Friends Cheat
801C3F90 00FF
801C3F91 00FF
801C3F92 00FF
801C3F93 00FF
801C3F94 00FF
801C3F95 00FF
801C3F96 00FF
801C3F97 00FF
801C3F98 00FF
801C3F99 00FF
801C3F9A 00FF
801C3F9B 00FF
801C3F9C 00FF
801C3F9D 00FF
801C3F9E 00FF
801C3F9F 00FF
801C3FA0 00FF
801C3FA1 00FF
801C3FA2 00FF
801C3FA3 00FF
801C3FA4 00FF
801C3FA5 00FF
801C3FA6 00FF
801C3FA7 00FF
801C3FA8 00FF
801C3FA9 00FF
801C3FAA 00FF
801C3FAB 00FF
801C3FAC 00FF
801C3FAD 00FF
801C3FAE 00FF
801C3FAF 00FF
801C3FB0 00FF
801C3FB1 00FF
801C3FB2 00FF
801C3FB3 00FF
801C3FB4 00FF
801C3FB5 00FF
Infinite Flower Card Points Cheat
802373F0 0063
Infinite Cake Card Points Cheat
80181B10 0063
Make Maria Love You Cheat
801C3F90 00FF
Make Popuri Love You Cheat
801C3F91 00FF
Make Elli Love You Cheat
801C3F92 00FF
Make Ann Love You Cheat
801C3F93 00FF
Make Karen Love You Cheat
801C3F94 00FF
Infinite Medals For Horse & Dog Races Cheat
81189B06 270F
81205206 270F
Have 99 Medals On Each Dog & Horse Cheat
801C3DD0 0063
801C3DD1 0063
801C3DD2 0063
801C3DD3 0063
801C3DD4 0063
801C3DD5 0063
801C3DD6 0063
801C3DD7 0063
801C3DD8 0063
801C3DD9 0063
801C3DDA 0063
801C3DDB 0063
801C3DDC 0063
801C3DDD 0063
801C3DDE 0063
801C3DDF 0063
801C3DE0 0063
801C3DE1 0063
801C3DE2 0063
Change The Weather Cheats
802373A9 0001
802373A9 0002
802373A9 0003
Rain With Normal Music
802373A9 0004
802373A9 0005
Feeding Animals Cheats
Automatically Feed And Brush Cows And Sheep Cheat
D01702AD 0003
801702AD 002F
D01702DD 0003
801702DD 002F
D017030D 0003
8017030D 002F
D017033D 0003
8017033D 002F
D017036D 0003
8017036D 002F
D017039D 0003
8017039D 002F
D01703CD 0003
801703CD 002F
D01703FD 0003
801703FD 002F
Automatically Feed Chickens Cheat
D01C3C11 0003
801C3C11 0017
D01C3C35 0003
801C3C35 0017
D01C3C59 0003
801C3C59 0017
D01C3C7D 0003
801C3C7D 0017
D01C3CA1 0003
801C3CA1 0017
D01C3CC5 0003
801C3CC5 0017