Hexen Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Invincibility Cheat
Infinite Blue Mana Cheat
8013DB7D 00CF
Infinite Green Mana Cheat
8013DB7F 00CF
Have All Keys Cheat
8113DB5C 07FF
Always Have Axe, Staff, And Frost Shards Cheat
8013DB77 00FF
Always Have Hammer, Firestorm, And Arc of Death
8013DB79 00FF
Always Have Quietus, Wraithverge, And Bloodscourge
8013DB7B 00FF
Boots Of Speed Always On
8113DB58 03FF
Icon Of The Defender Is Always On
8113DB4C 03FF
Wings Of Wrath Are Always On
8013DB53 03FF
In-Game Cheat Codes
Open The In-Game Cheat Menu
80136773 0005
Open All Options In The Cheat Menu
81136696 FFFF
Open The No Clipping In-Game Cheat
8013DB87 0001
Open The God Mode In-Game Cheat
8013DB87 0002
Open The No Clipping & God Mode In-Game Cheats
8013DB87 0003