Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.
Note: You Must have Gameshark version 3.0 or better for these cheat codes to work.

Enable Code Must Be On!
F10E4D20 2400
All Tracks Cheat
81124A0E FFFF
Player 1 Infinite Turbos Cheat
80118CFC 000A
Player 2 Infinite Turbos Cheat
80119478 000A
Maximum Tournament Points Cheat
81124A16 00FF
Player 1 All Cars & Cups Cheat
81124A0A FFFF
Player 2 All Cars & Cups Cheat
81124B4A FFFF
Player 1 Press L For Time 0:00:00 Cheat
D0137FE5 0020
810F3900 0000
D0137FE5 0020
810F3902 0000
Player 2 Press L For Time 0:00:00 Cheat
D0137FED 0020
810F3900 0000
D0137FED 0020
810F3902 0000