Hybrid Heaven Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.
Attention! You must have Gameshark version 3.0 or better to use these cheat codes.

Enable Code Must Be On!
F102C164 2400
Infinite Health Cheat
8117DC42 270F
Editor's Cheat Level/Battle Select
Note: When using this cheat code at the Main Menu Press A to get the Cheat Menu.
801CC8C4 0005
Maximum Health Cheat
8117DC40 270F
Level 99 Cheat
8117DC88 0063
Press L To Fly Cheat
D005CE51 0020
8124A0B0 3FCB
Maximum Stamina
8117DC48 270F
Maximum Offense
8117DC80 270F
Maximum Defense
8117DC82 270F
Maximum Reflex
8117DC84 270F
Maximum Speed
8117DC86 270F
Maximum Head Offense
8117DC50 270F
Maximum Body Offense
8117DC52 270F
Maximum Right Arm Offense
8117DC54 270F
Maximum Left Arm Offense
8117DC56 270F
Maximum Right Leg Offense
8117DC58 270F
Maximum Left Leg Offense
8117DC5A 270F
Maximum Head Defense
8117DC5C 270F
Maximum Body Defense
8117DC5E 270F
Maximum Right Arm Defense
8117DC60 270F
Maximum Left Arm Defense
8117DC62 270F
Maximum Right Leg Defense
8117DC64 270F
Maximum Left Leg Defense
8117DC66 270F
Maximum Head Hit Count
8117DCA8 270F
Maximum Body Hit Count
8117DCAA 270F
Maximum Right Arm Hit Count
8117DCAC 270F
Maximum Left Arm Hit Count
8117DCAE 270F
Maximum Right Leg Hit Count
8117DAB0 270F
Maximum Left Leg Hit Count
8117DAB2 270F
Maximum Head Damage Count
8117DCB6 270F
Maximum Body Damage Count
8117DCB8 270F
Maximum Right Arm Damage Count
8117DCBA 270F
Maximum Left Arm Damage Count
8117DCBC 270F
Maximum Right Leg Damage Count
8117DCBE 270F
Maximum Left Leg Damage Count
8117DCC0 270F
Infinite Life Chargers S
8017E008 0063
Infinite Life Chargers M
8017E010 0063
Infinite Life Chargers L
8017E018 0063
Infinite Life Chargers X
8017E020 0063
Infinite Stamina Chargers S
8017E028 0063
Infinite Stamina Charger M
8017E030 0063
Infinite Stamina Charger L
8017E038 0063
Infinite Stamina Charger X
8017E040 0063
Infinite Battle Charger S
8017E048 0063
Infinite Battle Charger M
8017E050 0063
Infinite Battle Charger L
8017E058 0063
Infinite Battle Charger X
8017E060 0063
Infinite Speed Restorer
8017E068 0063
Infinite Poison Restorer
8017E070 0063
Infinite Super Restorer
8017E078 0063
Infinite Offence Raiser
8017E080 0063
Infinite Defence Raiser
8017E088 0063
Infinite Speed Raiser
8017E090 0063
Infinite Ring Eraser
8017E098 0063
Infinite Flame Shot
8017E0A0 0063
Infinite Flame Shot SP
8017E0A8 0063
Infinite Ice Shot
8017E0B0 0063
Infinite Ice Shot SP
8017E0B8 0063
Infinite Poison Shot
8017E0C0 0063
Infinite Poison Shot SP
8017E0C8 0063
Infinite Hurricane Shot
8017E0D0 0063
Infinite Hurricane Shot SP
8017E0D8 0063
Infinite Ion Shot
8017E0E0 0063
Infinite Ion Shot SP
8017E0E8 0063
Infinite Offence Enhancer
8017E0F0 0063
Infinite Defence Enhancer
8017E0F8 0063
Infinite Speed Enhancer
8017E100 0063
Infinite Stamina Booster
8017E108 0063
Infinite Power Booster
8017E110 0063
Infinite Offence Drainer
8017E118 0063
Infinite Defence Drainer
8017E120 0063
Infinite Speed Drainer
8017E128 0063