Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. Cheats

Nintendo 64

Unhittable Pitch Cheat
Move the cross hair anywhere in the strikezone except inside the yellow hitting circle. Holding the cross hair where you want it, press Z and then Left C, Right C, or Up C to look at one of the bases. Let go of Z first, then release the C Button. Now the cross hair and hitting circle will be gone. Now throw any pitch, and the computer will swing and miss or let it go by for a strike.
Know Opponents Pitch Cheat
To find out where the other player is aiming his pitch hold Bunt. You will see the pitchers target and your bat will follow it. Let go of Bunt after the pitcher throws the ball and hit it normally.
See The Game Ending Code
Go to an Exhibition game and when picking the stadium you want to play in, press all four C Buttons at together over over until you hear a tone, then press Z instead of showing the stadium, you will see the ending of the game.
Control The Title Screen Baseball
At the title screen hold Z then move the Control Stick to make the baseball rotate.
Set Off Fireworks In View Stadium
When you get into the View Stadium mode by pressing Z while choosing your stadium, you can set off fire works by pressing Z and R at the same time.
2 New Secret Teams Cheat
Highlight Exhibition on the first menu that pops up, then press all four C buttons together over and over until you hear a tone. Then go to the All Star teams and there will be two new teams Nintendo and Angel Studios.