Mario Golf Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Access The Mario Star Course
Get 2200 course points after opening the 5 other courses.
Access Password Menu Cheat
On the Main Menu highlight the Club House option, and Hold Z+R+A. If done correctly the password menu should be on the next menu.
Nintendo Power Tournament On Toad Highlands Cheat
At the Password Menu enter KPXWN9N3
Access DK Cheat
At the Password Menu enter DKDABOMB
Access Kooba Park Cheat
At the Password Menu enter QTM5MV4H
Left Handed Golfing
On the Character Selection Menu, Hold L while selecting your character.
Access Metal Mario
Get all 108 Birdie Badges.
Access Donkey Kong
Get 30 coins in Ring Mode.
Access Mable
Get 50 coins in Tournament Mode.
Access Luigi
Beat Luigi in Vs. Mode.
Access Yoshi
Unlock Luigi, then beat Yoshi in Vs. Mode.
Access Sonny
Unlock Yoshi, then beat Sonny in Vs. Mode.
Access Wario
Unlock Sonny, then beat Wario in Vs. Mode.
Access Harry
Unlock Wario, then beat Harry in Vs. Mode.
Access Mario
Unlock Harry, then beat Mario in Vs. Mode.
Access Bowser
Unlock Mario, then beat Bowser in Vs. Mode.