Mario Party Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Easy Coins Cheat
Select computer players then in the last round turn your computer players into human players complete the level, and you will collect all of their coins.
Access Bumper Ball Maze 1
Get to the Goal Stage on Mini-Game Island and beat Toad in Slot Car Derby 2.
Access Bumper Ball Maze 2
Beat all 50 mini-games on Mini-Game Island, then talk to Toad at the Goal.
Access Bumper Ball Maze 3
Set a new record on Bumper Ball Maze 1 and 2.
New Music
Buy the record in the shop, and after you get access to Magma Mountain you will be able to hear some new songs.
Access Magma Mountain
To get to Magma Mountain you must complete these tasks get 1000 coins, buy the Key To Magma Mountain in a shop, and beat the first six stages.
Access The Eternal Star Stage
Collect 100 stars in Magma Mountain, and there will be a special event after that you will be able to access Eternal Star.
Special Items In Shops
Beat Eternal Star then after the ending new special items can be bought in the shops.
Change The Title Screen
Beat the game with a character that character will then be the main character on the Title Screen.