Mortal Kombat Trilogy Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Special Endurance Mode Cheat
On the Character select screen go to Kano and press Down+Start. If done correctly, the screen will shake, then when you choose a difficulty you will have all endurances.
Infinite Credits Cheat
To get umilimited credits, press D,D,U,U,R,R,LL at the story screen.
All Options Cheat
At the Story Line Screen press HK, LK, Run, LP, HP, HP, HP, LP, LP. If you enter the code correctly, you'll hear a voice say, "Ah-mah!"
Now go to the Options Screen. Here you can open up the now available red and blue question mark icons. You now have the ability to have free play, two secret characters (Khameleon and Smoke), and many other options.
Play As Shao Kahn Cheat
Select any character and when you are in either Pit 3 or the rooftop stage (before the round starts), press and hold D+HP+LP. You'll see an explosion and Shao Kahn will replace your character.
If you win, however, the original character you picked will be your opponent for the rest of the game.
Play As Motaro Cheat
Select any character and when you are either Jade's desert, Kahn's Tower or the Wasteland (before the round starts) press and hold B+HK+LK. You'll see an explosion and Motaro will replace your character.
Like the Shao Kahn code, if you win you'll turn back into the character you originally picked.
Stage Select Cheat
At the character select screen go to Sonya and press Up+Start at the same time. Then, after you select your character, you will get a stage select menu.