Monster Truck Madness 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Press L For Low Timer Cheat
D0014B35 0020
811A671C 3E00
No Laps To Race Cheat
Note: Only works with Gameshark version 3.0 or better.
D11A5F2E 00FF
801A5F2F 0002
Always Get Fake First Place
D0164BBF 0001
811A5F30 0000
Access Aztec Valley Track Cheat
801256BF 0001
Access Alphine Challenge Track Cheat
801256DF 0001
Access Death Trap Track Cheat
801256FF 0001
Infinite Missiles Cheat
801A605B 0006
801A6054 0003
Item Cheats
Fly Mode
801A605B 0001
Have Shield
801A605B 0002
Have Shrinker
801A605B 0003
Have Spring Jump
801A605B 0004
Have Invisibility
801A605B 0005
Have Missiles
801A605B 0006
Oil Slick
801A605B 0007