Mortal Kombat 4 Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Access Cheat Options Menu
Go to the Options Menu, and select Continue Options, and hold Block & Run for about 10 seconds (Left C and Down C are the default buttons for Run
and Block in Mortal Kombat 4). You can now access the Cheat Options Menu.
Automatic Fatalities
Turn on Automatic Fatalities in the Cheat Menu, then while playing hold Down and press High Punch from anywhere to do an Automatic Fatality get close to the other fighter to do the Pit Fatalities.
Change Character Colors & Weapons
At the character select screen hold Start and press any button this will change everyones outfit. There are up to 4 different choices of clothes & weapons per character.
Play As Goro
Select the Hidden Button with A on the character select screen, then move up three, left one to Shinnok, and press Run & Block.
Play as Noob Saibot
Select the Hidden Button with A on the character select screen, then move up two, left one to Reiko, and press Run & Block.
Kombat Codes
Enter the codes at the 2 player Vs. Screen when the 2 character pictures are facing each other.
There are two three digit numbers at the bottom.
The first three are for Controller 1
The second three are for Controller 2
The numbers correspond to the number of times you press:
Low Punch for the 1st number
Block for the 2nd number
Low Kick for the 3rd number
These Are The Codes:
Unlimited Run Cheat
001 001
Weapon Kombat Code
002 002
Maximum Damage Disabled Code
010 010
Noob Saibot Cheat
012 012
Red Rain Code
020 020
Explosive Kombat Code
050 050
Throwing Disabled Cheat
100 100
Maximum Damage Disabled And Throwing Disabled
110 110
Free Weapon Code
111 111
No Power Code
123 123
Random Weapons Code
222 222
Big Head Code
321 321
Randper Kombat Code
333 333
Armed And Dangerous Cheat
444 444
Many Weapons Cheat
555 555
Silent Kombat Code
666 666
Stage Select Kombat Codes
Goro's Dungeon
011 011
Scorpion's Stage
022 022
Elder God Stage
033 033
Tomb Stage
044 044
Rain Stage
055 055
Reptiles Stage
066 066
101 101
Living Forest
202 202
Prison Stage
303 303
Snow stage
313 313