Punch-Out!! Cheats


Regain Health During A Fight 1
When your opponent is knocked down quickly hit 1 and 2 repeatedly, or shake the Wii-mote and nunchuk.
Regain Health During A Fight 2
During the dialogue between rounds Press Minus to get Doc to use a Remedy Bar, and Little Mac will regain energy. You can only do this one time per opponent.
Regain Health During A Fight 3
Between rounds Press Plus then Minus repeatedly until you hear a chime. If done correctly you will have more health next round.
No Losses
When you are about to lose a fight in Career mode Press Plus, then Select Restart, and the game will not consider it a loss.
Unlock Red Headgear
Lose 100 times in Single Player Mode to get the red headgear.
Unlock Major Circuit
Win the Minor Circuit Championship Title.
Unlock World Circuit
Win the Major Circuit Championship Title.
Unlock Title Defense Mode
Complete the Minor, Major, and World Circuit to unlock Title Defense Mode.
Unlock Last Stand Mode
Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense.
Unlock Champions Mode
Win 10 bouts in Mac's Last Stand.
Play As Donkey Kong In Exhibition Mode
Beat Donkey Kong in Last Stand Mode.
Character Audio Gallery
Beat all three challenges in Exhibition to unlock the character's audio gallery.