Tomb Raider Underworld Cheats


Lara Concept Art
Collect all 6 Relics.
Zip And Winston Concept Art
Successfully complete the Prologue.
Unlock The White Swimsuit
Beat the game on any difficulty setting.
Unlock Treasure Hunt Mode
Beat the game on any difficulty setting.
Creature Concept Art
Collect all treasures.
Arctic Sea And Amelia Concept Art
Complete Arctic Sea Expedition.
Coastal Thailand And Alister Concept Art
Complete Coastal Thailand Expedition.
Croft Manor And Doppelganger Concept Art
Complete Croft Manor Expedition.
Mediterranean Sea And Amanda Concept Art
Complete Mediterranean Sea Expedition.
Mexico And All Men Concept Art
Complete Southern Mexico Expedition.
Ship And Natla Concept Art
Complete Andaman Sea Expedition.
Jan Mayen Island, Gear & Artifacts Concept Art
Complete Jan Mayen Island Expedition.
Game Flow Storyboards
Complete the game on Master Survivalist difficulty.