Bogey Dead 6 Gameshark Cheats


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Access All Fighters Cheat
801C2A36 0001
Access All Missions Cheat
801C2A34 0001
Infinite Mission Time Cheat
80080B24 0253
Infinite Chaff Loads Cheat
800816C2 000A
Infinite Continues Cheat
801C29C2 0005
Infinite Armor Cheat
801B9FDC 0A6E
Infinite Fuel Cheat
801C2170 31A5
80081712 2F61
Infinite Missiles Cheat
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
50000602 0000
800BC684 0064
High Engine Thrust Cheat
800816A4 0064
Infinite Amraam Missiles Cheat
800BC686 0063
Infinite Sidewinder Missiles Cheat
800BC684 0063
Infinite Harm Anti Radiation Missiles Cheat
800BC688 0063
Infinite Maverick Missiles Cheat
800BC68A 0063
Infinite Vulcan 20MM Cannon Cheat
800BC68E 03E7