Clock Tower 2 Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Have All Endings & Extra Mode
8006F048 FFFF
Infinite HP Cheat
80070A18 0003
Infinite Ammo All Weapons Cheat
80070954 0063
Infinite Ammo On Pickup Cheat
800996DA 2400
Have All Hints
8006F04A FFFF
Turn Into Bates
80070A20 0020
Turn Back To Alyssa
80070A20 0000
Play Time And Time Attack Mode Time 00:00:00
80070A48 0000
80070A54 0000
Score Attack Mode Cheats
Maximum Score Cheat
800D9990 E0FF
800D9992 05F5
Infinite Limit Gage
800D84F8 0700
Rate x10000
800D84F0 000A
Time Attack Mode Cheats
Infinite Gun Ammo
800709CC 0063
Infinite Shotgun Ammo
800709D0 0063
Infinite Machinegun Ammo
800709D4 0063