Croc 2 Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Press L2+R2 To Enable Cheat Menu
8006FF88 0001
Infinite Lives Cheat
80076AC0 0009
Maximum Lives Cheat
80076ABC 0009
Maximum Crystals Cheat
D0076B4C 0000
80076B4C 0063
Always Have Key Cheat
80076B54 0001
Maximum Swap Meet Pete Card Cheat
80076AC4 270F
Always Have Magic Eye Zoomers Cheat
80076B78 0002
Infinite Item Cheats
Warning: Before using one of these cheats you must already have at least one of the item in your inventory.
Infinite Clockwork Gobbos
80076B68 0002
Infinite Crystal Craze Gummi Saver
80076B5C 0002
Infinite Five Flavors Gummi Saver
80076B60 0002
Infinite Wild Berries Gummi Saver
80076B58 0002