Digimon World Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Infinite HP Cheat
801557F4 270F
Infinite MP Cheat
801557F6 270F
Press Circle To Beat The Game Cheat
D0135450 FFDF
80134EB4 0003
Infinite Lives Cheat
80155824 0003
All Medals Cheat
All Attacks Cheat
30155800 00FF
30155801 00FF
30155802 00FF
30155803 00FF
30155804 00FF
30155805 00FF
30155806 00FF
30155807 00FF
Auto Kill Most Enemies Cheat
80155874 0000
801559AC 0000
80155A14 0000
80155944 0000
801558DC 0000
Always Have Finish Cheat
8013D65A 0AF1
Have All Digimon On The Chart/All Evolved Cheat
301BE00D 00FF
801BE010 FFFF
801BE012 FFFF
301BE014 00FF
All Digimon In City Cheat
301557C5 0037
801557C6 0037
All Digimon Raised Cheat
50000801 0000
301BE00D 00FF
Have Key Items Cheat
301BDFD2 00FF
301BDFD3 00FF
Have All Cards Cheat
50002001 0000
Best Happiness Cheat
8013848A 0064
Best Discipline Cheat
80138488 0000
Maximum HP Cheat
801557F0 270F
Maximum MP Cheat
801557F2 270F
Maximum Offense Cheat
801557E0 03E7
Maximum Defense Cheat
801557E2 03E7
Maximum Speed Cheat
801557E4 03E7
Maximum Brains Cheat
801557E6 03E7
Maximum Bits Cheat
80134EB8 E0FF
80134EBA 05F5