Driver Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.0

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Access All 4 Cities Cheat
800964A0 0004
800964B8 0046
800964D4 0001
No Damage Cheat
8009AEE0 0000
Felony Bar Is Empty Cheat
800973C8 0000
Stop Timer Cheat
800C6E62 D600
800C6E64 0F28
Have All Flags Cheat
800C6C94 0064
Hold L1 + X Nitro Boost Cheat
D0096DB4 0044
8009AE54 FFFF
Scare Meter Maxed
800C6EA0 06A4
Bomb Never Blows Up Cheat
80097428 0000
Low Rider Mode
Low Gravity Mode
8009D5A8 0001
Backwards Mode
8009D5B0 0001
Invincibility Cheat On
800964DC 0001
Immunity Cheat On
800964E0 0001
Rear Wheel Cheat On
8009D59C 0001
Minis Cheat On
8009D5A0 0001
Stilts Cheat On
8009D5A4 0001
Antipodean Cheat On
8009D5AC 0001
Enemy Cars Are Dead Cheat
8009D274 5050
Press L To Fly Cheat
8001C00C C000
8001C00E 0C07
801F0000 0009
801F0002 3C01
801F0004 6DB4
801F0006 8421
801F000A 2400
801F000C 0004
801F000E 3021
801F0010 0002
801F0012 1020
801F0016 2400
801F0018 007F
801F001A 2442
801F001C 0008
801F001E 03E0
801F0022 2400
Better Flying Cheat
Note: Press L1 for you to fly & Press R1 for other cars to fly.
8001C00C C000
8001C00E 0C07
801F0000 0009
801F0002 3C01
801F0004 6DB4
801F0006 8421
801F0008 000C
801F000A 2404
801F000C 000C
801F000E 3021
801F0010 000B
801F0012 1024
801F0014 0008
801F0016 3024
801F0018 000A
801F001A 1020
801F001E 2400
801F0020 0005
801F0022 1480
801F0026 2400
801F0028 0005
801F002A 1133
801F002E 2400
801F0030 0004
801F0032 1080
801F0036 2400
801F0038 0002
801F003A 1133
801F003E 2400
801F0040 007F
801F0042 2442
801F0044 0008
801F0046 03E0
801F004A 2400
Stop Other Cars Cheat
8001BFC8 AD64
8001BFCA 3421
8001BFDC 0014
8001BFDE 1429
8003FDCC 0009
8003FDCE 3C01
8003FDD8 AD64
8003FDDA 3421
8003FE0A 1432
Hold X + L2 For Reverse Nitro Boost
Note: You must be going in reverse or stopped for this to work.
D00A7CD8 0041
8009AE56 FFFF
Hold X + R1 To Drive Under Cars Code
D00A7CD8 0048
8009AE30 FFFF
Drive Through Walls Cheat
8004B9DE 1000
Falling Cars Code
8009C970 FFFF
Smoking Car Code
Press Square+Triangle To Burn Rubber Code
8009AE68 FFFF
No Surface Damage
8009AE72 0000
8009AE80 0000
8009AE82 0000
8009AE84 0000
8009AE90 0000
8009AE92 0000
8009AE94 0000
8009AE96 0000
8009AE78 0000
8009AE7A 0000
8009AE7C 0000
8009AE88 0000
8009AE8A 0000
8009AE8C 0000
No Cars On The Road
80096468 0000
8009646C 0000
Mostly No Pedestrians
80096460 0000
80096462 0000
Super Felony Bar
800973C8 7FFE
Random Car Hopping
8009C36A FFFF
No Cops In Survival Mode
80097424 FFFF
Always Night
80097468 FFFF
Wide Tires
8009AC04 01C0
8009AC0C 01C0
8009AC14 FE32
8009AC1C FE32
8009AC08 02F6
8009AC10 FD0E
8009AC18 02F6
8009AC20 FD0E
Tornado Mode
8009AC68 2BBA
8009AC70 F2AA
8009AC78 4DA7
8009AC80 D1EE
8009ACD0 2BBA
8009ACD8 F2AA
8009ACE0 4DA7
8009ACE8 D1EE
8009AD30 2BBA
8009AD38 F2AA
8009AD40 4DA7
8009AD48 D1EE
Drunk Mode In First Person View
800AF368 F005
8009D5AC 0001
Neon Shadows
80096618 0000
Super Fast Cops
800973C8 7FFE
Test Complete
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
50000901 0000
301E3260 003C
Never Lose Hubcaps
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
50000404 0000
800B6CCC 0001
Always Raining Code
80096768 0044
800970E4 1B5F
Always Snowing Code
80096768 FF00
800970E4 1B5F
Trees Replaced With Bigscreen TV's On Dirt Track Code
Created by CloudyKnight
80086BF0 1111
Trees Replaced With Bigscreen TVs On Miami Track Code
80086BF0 0116
Trees Replaced With Bigscreen TVs On San Fran Track Code
80086BF2 0102
PyroManiac Worlds Code
8009C488 7FFF
8009B828 7FFF
8009B06C 7FFF
8009B69C 7FFF
8009B9B4 7FFF
8009BE58 7FFF
8009B1F8 7FFF
8009BB40 7FFF
8009B510 7FFF
8009B384 7FFF
8009BFE4 7FFF
8009C170 7FFF
800986F6 7FFF
8009C66E 7FFF
800986F2 7FFF
800986F4 7FFF
8009C2FC 7FFF
80098AD0 7FFF
8009CC44 7FFF
800986F0 7FFF
8009CDD0 7FFF
8009C92C 7FFF
8009CAB8 7FFF
8009CF5C 7FFF
8009C614 7FFF
800988D6 7FFF
8009D0E8 7FFF
Enable All Tracks Cheat
800964A0 0004
Enable View Credits Cheat
800863DC FFFE
Enable Invinciblity Cheat
80086416 FFFF
Enable No Police/Immunity Cheat
8008644E FFFF
Enable Rear Wheel Steering Cheat
80086486 FFFF
Enable Mini Cars Cheat
800864BE FFFF
Enable Stilts Cheat
800864F6 FFFF
Enable Antipodean Cheat
80086566 FFFF
Dirt Track Start On Last Lap Cheat
D00C6CA8 0000
800C6CA8 0002
Cross Town Checkpoint Only Need 1 Checkpoint Cheat
D00C6C94 0000
800C6C94 0004
Car Park Test Cheats
No Damage Cheat
801E35B8 0000
Infinite Time Cheat
801E4278 0000
Have Burnout Complete
301E35A0 003C
Have Handbrake Complete
301E35A1 003C
Have Slalom Complete
301E35A2 003C
Have 180 Degree Complete
301E35A3 003C
Have 360 Degree Complete
301E35A4 003C
Have Reverse 180 Degree Complete
301E35A5 003C
Have Speed Complete
301E35A6 003C
Have Brake Test Complete
301E35A7 003C
Have Lap Complete
301E35A8 003C