Dukes Of Hazard Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Access All Levels Cheat
Note: To get to the levels you must either load a saved game, or begin a game then quit.
8001921A FFFF
Infinite Time Cheat
D0066CCC 0414
80066CCE 2400
Infinite Items On Pickup Cheat
D00563B0 06F4
800563B2 2400
Infinite Tire Damage Cheat
D0056F8C 0074
80056F8E 2400
Infinite Body Damage Cheat
D0057014 0630
80057016 2400
1 Part Needed To Fix The General Lee
80089FB2 0505
1 Hit Pulls Over The Stolen General Lee
8010C804 0451
1 Hit Pulls Over Boss Hog
8010E404 0451
1 Hit Pulls Over Black Jack
8010C284 0451
1 Hit Destroys The 2 Bad Guys
80176788 0451
80177E08 0451