Ehrgeiz Cheats


Hidden Intro Scene Cheat
Load the game and don't press anything on the controller. Let the intro play 4 times uninterrupted. Then, go to the Movie Player Menu, and highlight Opening Movie and Press Right to get the Extra Opening.
Play Evil Panel Cheat
Beat the computer 10 times in a row in the Battle Panel Mini Game. Then in the Top Menu Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and select Battle Panel.
Access Clair Andrews
Beat the game with any female Character.
Access Koji Masuda
Beat the game with any male Character.
Access Vincent Valentine
Beat the game with Tifa Lockheart.
Access Yuffie Kisaragi
Beat the game with Cloud Strife.
Access Django (aka Neo-Red XIII)
Beat the game with all of the non-FF7 Ehrgeiz Characters.
Access Zax
Beat the game with all of the FF7 Characters.