Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix Gameshark Cheats


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No Fear (Invincibility) All Characters Cheat
D00495EC 0068
800495EE 2400
Access Art Gallery On All Discs Cheat
800BC4DC 0001
Game Time 00:00:00 Cheat
8007B4F4 0000
8007B4F6 0000
Semi Rapid Fire Rifles Only
80082680 0000
Activate In Game Cheats
Note: Do not use any of these cheats at the same time.
Infinite Ammo Cheat
3007B4F8 0001
No Fear (Invincibility) Cheat
3007B4F8 0002
All Weapons Cheat
3007B4F9 0001
Big Head Mode
3007B4F8 0080
Infinite Ammo & No Fear (Invincibility) Cheat
8007B4F8 0003
Infinite Ammo, No Fear (Invincibility), & All Weapons Cheat
8007B4F8 0103
Infinite Ammo, No Fear, Big Head Mode, & All Weapons Cheat
8007B4F8 0183
Hana Cheats
Never Reload Assault Rifle
8008BB54 0063
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
8008BC0C 03E7
Infinite Shotgun Ammo
8008BC0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun
8008BB64 0063
Infinite Uzi Ammo
8008BC0A 03E7
Never Reload Uzi
8008BB44 0063
Infinite .90 Pistol Ammo
8008BC08 03E7
Never Reload .90 Pistol
8008BB3C 0031
8008BB3E 0031
Have Metal Hook
3008BBED 0001
Have Hacking Computer
3008BBEC 0001
Have Fixer Piston
3008BBEE 0001
Have Machine Cog
3008BBEF 0001
Have Fixer Battery
3008BBF0 0001
Have Drained Battery
3008BBF1 0001
Have Wires
3008BBF3 0001
Have Video Tape B
3008BBF5 0001
Have Video Tape A
3008BBF4 0001
Have Green Key Card
3008BBEA 0001
Have Fixer Head Key
3008BBEB 0001
Have Fixer Chip
3008BBE8 0001
Have Yellow Key Card
3008BBE9 0001
Have Mirror
3008BBE5 0001
Have Pearl
3008BBE4 0001
Have Mirror Segment
3008BBE2 0001
Have Bandage
3008BBE3 0001
Have Bell
3008BBE1 0001
Have DNA Disk
3008BBE0 0001
Have Blasting Caps
3008BBDE 0001
Have Flash Disk
3008BBDF 0001
Rain Cheats
Infinite Shotgun Ammo
8008BF0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun
8008BE64 0063
Infinite Uzi Ammo
8008BF0A 03E7
Never Reload Uzi
8008BE44 0063
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
8008BF0C 03E7
Never Reload Assault Rifle
8008BE54 0063
Infinite .90 Pistol Ammo
8008BF08 03E7
Never Reload .90 Pistol Ammo
8008BE3C 0031
8008BE3E 0031
Deke Cheats
Infinite GL 150 Ammo
8008BE12 03E7
Never Reload GL 150
8008BD8C 0063
Infinite Shotgun Ammo
8008BE0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun
8008BD64 0063
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
8008BE0C 03E7
Never Reload Assault Rifle
8008BD54 0063
Never Reload Shot Pistol
8008BD4C 0031
8008BD4E 0031
Have Peach
3008BDE9 0001
Have Phoenix Amulet
3008BDE8 0001
Have Genetic Marker
3008BDEA 0001
Have Diesel Fuel
3008BDEB 0001
Have Dynamite
3008BDED 0001
Have Archeology Key
3008BDEC 0001
Have Machine Key
3008BDEE 0001
Have Elevator Lock Key
3008BDEF 0001
Have Ancient Gold Crank
3008BDF1 0001
Have Ancient Red Crank
3008BDF0 0001
Have Combined Mirror
3008BDF3 0001
Have Mirror Segment
3008BDF2 0001
Royce Cheats
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
8008BD0C 03E7
Never Reload Assault Rifle
8008BC54 0063
Infinite R1 Ammo
8008BD14 03E7
Never Reload R1
8008BAC4 0063
Infinite GL Ammo
8008BD12 03E7
Never Reload GL
8008BC8C 0063
Infinite Shotgun Ammo
8008BD0E 03E7
Never Reload Shotgun
8008BC64 03E7
Infinite Uzi Ammo
8008BD0A 03E7
Never Reload Uzi Ammo
8008BC44 0063
Infinite Pistol Ammo
8008BD08 03E7
Never Reload Pistol
8008BC3C 0031
Never Reload Pistol
8008BC3E 0031
Have Gate Key
3008BCEE 0001
Have Utility Key
3008BCEF 0001
Have C4
3008BCF0 0001
Have Crowbar
3008BCF1 0001
Have Gold Crystal
3008BCF2 0001
Have Water Crystal
3008BCF3 0001
Have Salt
3008BCF4 0001
Have Rock Salt
3008BCF5 0001
Have Tiger Plaque
3008BCF6 0001
Have Dragon Plaque
3008BCF7 0001
Have Digging Tool
3008BCF8 0001
Have Grappling Hook
3008BCF9 0001
Have Chinese Fan
3008BCFA 0001
Have Broken Digging Tool
3008BCFB 0001
Have Fresh Water Gourd
3008BCFC 0001
Have Blood Sample
3008BCFD 0001
Have Fresh Water Goblet
3008BCFE 0001
Have Salt Water Goblet
3008BCFF 0001
Have Diamond
3008BD00 0001
Have Paper Doll
3008BD01 0001
Have Salt Water Goblet
3008BD02 0001