Grand Theft Auto London 1969 Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats
Infinite Lives Cheat
8002BF72 0004
Have 5 Million Points Score Cheat
D002BE1C 0000
8002BE1C 4FFF
D002BE1E 0000
8002BE1E 004C
Infinite Pistol Ammo Cheat
3002BF7D 0063
Infinite Machine Gun Ammo Cheat
3002BF7E 0063
Infinite Rocket Ammo Cheat
3002BF7F 0063
Infinite Flame Thrower Fuel Cheat
3002BF80 0063
Have Get Out Of Jail Free Card Cheat
8002BF8A 0001
No Cops Cheat
8002BE08 0000
Max Bonus Multiplier Code
8002BF6E 0063
Enable Mods & Sods Level Cheat
80026748 0001
Enable Chelsea Smile Level Cheat
8002674C 0001
Enable Dead Certainty Level Cheat
80026750 0001
Wanted Level Maxed Out Cheat
80019C44 0004