Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver Gameshark Cheats


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All Portals Open Cheat
800D198A 0009
800D1A0A 0009
800D1A4A 0009
Moon Jump Cheat
D00D1080 0080
801F418C 0090
Shift Almost Anywhere Cheat
800A5A7E 2400
800B00C4 FFD0
800B00C6 1000
Maximum Stamina Level Cheat
800D5670 0004
Infinite Health Spirit Plain Cheat
800D5674 86A0
800D5676 0001
Infinite Health Material Plain Cheat
800D5674 A120
800D5676 0007
Infinite Health Cheat
D00D56B0 0002
800D5674 86A0
D00D56B0 0002
800D5676 0001
D00D56B0 0001
800D5674 A120
D00D56B0 0001
800D5676 0007
Always High Jump Cheat
800D55D8 0020
All Forged & Special Abilities Cheat
800D5680 FFBF
All Glyph Abilities Cheat
800D5682 03FF
Infinite Glyph Power Cheat
800D5688 0063
800D568A 0063
All 5 Emblem Pieces Cheat
800D492A 0005
800D492C 0005
Press L1+L2+R1+R2 For Extra Attributes Cheat
Warning: Don't use this cheat if you have the Soul Reaver sword.
D00D0CC4 0F00
Hyper Mode
800D123E 0021
In-Game Cheats
Have All Abilities Cheat
Have All Glyphs Cheat
800CFDC6 03FF
Have Kain Reaver Cheat
800CFDC2 0001
Have Unknown Purple Reaver Cheat
800CFDC2 0002
Have Spectral Reaver Cheat
800CFDC0 0400
Have Material Reaver Cheat
800CFDC0 0800
Have Aerial Reaver Cheat
800CFDC0 1000
Have Fire Reaver Cheat
800CFDC0 8000