Medievil II Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Enable Code Must Be On!
D0098804 023A
80098806 1000
Infinite Health Cheat
800F152C 012C
Maximum Money Cheat
800F15B4 270F
Infinite Potions Cheat
300F1533 0010
300F1536 0001
Chalice Of Souls Full Cheat
800EFE88 0064
Always Have Chalice Of Souls Cheat
300EFE90 0001
Infinite Time Cheat
80079602 2400
Maximum/Infinite Antidote Cheat
800F1648 1004
Infinite Health Danenstein Cheat
801C9C9E 00C8
Have All 12 Lost Souls Cheat
800F15F4 000C
God Mode/Invincibility Cheat
800F152C 012C
800F3860 012C
800F3864 012C
800F3868 012C
Enable Danhand Ability
300F1694 0001
Enable Cheat Menu
E00D36BD 0001
300D36BD 0000
Enable Big Head Dan
E00EFF1E 0000
300EFF1E 0004
Enable MatrixCam
300EFF29 0002
Have Small Sword
800F155C 0000
Have Broad Sword
800F1560 0010
Have Magic Sword
800F1564 0000
Have Cane Stick
800F1568 0000
Have Pistol
800F156C 0064
Have Hammer
800F1570 0000
Have Crossbow
800F1574 0064
Have Flaming Crossbow
800F1578 0064
Have Axe
800F157C 0000
Have Gatling Gun
800F1580 0064
Have Good Lightning
800F1584 0064
Have Lightning
800F1588 0064
Have Blunderbuss
800F1590 0064
Have Bombs
800F1594 0064
Have Chicken Drumstick
800F1598 0064
Have Torch
800F159C 0000
Have Copper Shield
800F15A0 0064
Have Silver Shield
800F15A4 0064
Have Gold Shield
800F15A8 0064
Have Cannonball
800F165C 0001
Have Museum Key
800F166C 0001
Have Dinosaur Key
800F1670 0001