Metal Gear Solid Cheats


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Easily Endure The Torture Cheat
Take a nice smooth round pen put the cap on, and when you have to Press O over and over again just quickly rub the pen back and forth on it's side over the O Button your life shouldn't go down much at all!! This makes it extremely easy to get through the torture without submitting.
Background Color Change
At the Opening Menu Screen Press either Left, Right, Up, or Down and the background colors will change.
Wear A Tuxedo Cheat
Complete the game twice on the same memory card block (IE: Complete then complete again saving over the first game.) The third time you begin the game Snake will put on a tuxedo in the first elevator.
Psycho Mantis Naming Games
When you confront Psycho Mantis, and he reads your mind he will mention any Konami game you have saved on your memory card.
Psycho Mantis Cheat
Before you fight Psycho Mantis put your controller into the second controller slot, and press a button, the game should go black and have HIDEO up in the corner. After a couple seconds it will go back to normal, then you can use the second controller to fight Psycho Mantis. Now he won't be able to tell what your going to do since he can't read the right side of your brain.
Get The Nikita Earlier In The Game
Go through the first two levels, once you get to the third level, go back to the second level, and go to the place where you got the Socom in it's place will now be the Nikita.
Get The Bandana Infinite Ammo
If you get through Ocelots Torture Rack without dying or giving in you will get the ending where you save Meryl, and she will give you the Bandana after the credits save the game then when you start that game you will have the Bandana.
Get The Stealth Suit
Once you get to the Torture Rack give in to the torture, and you will get the bad ending, but Otacon will give you the Stealth Suit. After the credits save your game, then when you load that game you will have the Stealth Suit.
Mei Ling's Tongue
Keep calling Mei Ling over again and again without saving. After enough times she'll get ticked and stop talking, and stick her tongue out.
Good Wolves
There are two ways to get the wolves to like you:
1 Equip Sniper Wolf's handkerchief when you go into the caves.
2 Go into the caves and kill all the wolves except for the little one by Meryl, then shoot Meryl, and equip a Cardboard Box the little dog will pee on it, then when you go back into the caves equip the box he peed on, and the wolves will be nice.
Warp To Near The End Cheat
Activate the Level 10 Keycard Gameshark cheat code (listed on the Metal Gear Solid Gameshark Page) Play until you get to the elevator, and go to Basement 1. When you exit the elevator go in the door on the left using the Level 10 Keycard. The game will go black, then you will go straight to the torture you can now quickly beat the game.
Travel In Cargo Trucks
Get inside a Cargo Truck then hide in a Cardboard Box. You will then be taken to the location that is on the box.
Campbell Naomi 140.85
Mei Ling 140.96
Master Miller 141.80
Otacon 141.12
Meryl 140.15
Nastasha 141.52
Deep Throat 140.48
Make Meryl Blush
If you go into first person mode and keep staring at Meryl she will blush and keep getting redder and redder.
Meryl Just Can't Keep Her Pants On
Meryl Exercising Without Pants
When you're going through the holding ducts to get to The Darpa Chief's Cell, look down into Meryl's cell she will be doing situps, then leave the ducts go down the ladder then go back in the ducts and look in her cell again she'll be doing one arm pushups, do it again and she'll be stretching, repeat and she'll be doing situps without pants, repeat and she'll be doing one arm pushups without pants, repeat again and she'll be stretching without pants.
Meryl Without Pants In The Bathroom
When you're finding Meryl while she is dressed like a soldier, and she runs into the bathroom if you follow her and get to the last stall within 5 seconds you will get to her before she can put any pants on, and she will talk to like this.
The Many Modes Of Metal Gear Solid
Time Attack Mode
Finish all 10 levels in Practice Mode, and you will get Time Attack Mode.
Gun Shooting Mode
Finish all 10 levels in Time Attack Mode, and you will get Gun Shooting Mode.
Survival Mode
Finish all 10 levels in Gun Shooting Mode, and you will get Survival Mode.
Technical Demonstration Mode
Complete Survival Mode, and you will get Technical Demonstration Mode.
Extreme Mode
Complete the game, and you will get Extreme Mode.
Photo Album Mode
Complete the game with the Camera, and you will get Photo Album Mode.
Demo Theater Mode View All Cut Scenes
Complete the game on any skill level, then go to the Special Menu to be able to see all of the cut scenes. You will get a different Demo Theater Mode depending on whether you get the ending where Meryl lives or dies.
Two Endings
Bad Ending
If you give in to the torture you will get the bad ending where Meryl dies.
Good Ending
For the good ending and for Meryl to live don't give in to the torture, after two tortures and the guard goes to the bathroom, get under the bed, then after he says He's Gone and goes to the door get out and snap his neck to escape. Once you get your things back throw away the Time Bomb that's in with your things. You will get the good ending.