Need For Speed High Stakes Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Any Unlocked Police Car Can Race Any Track Cheat
3013E555 0008
Access Police Helicopter Test Drive Only Cheat
30115750 0001
30115780 0001
Access Titan Cheat
30115748 0001
30115778 0001
Access Phantom Cheat
30115747 0001
30115777 0001
$0.00 Repair Bill Cheat
80180E28 0000
Light Car Cheat
801144DC 0004
Heavy Car Code
801144DC 0002
Drunk Mode Code
8013E6AC 001F
Semi-Drunk Mode Code
8013E6AC 002F
Dash View Code
8011491C 0001
Front Of Car View Code
801105E0 0009
Rotating Camera View Code
801105E0 000A
Stationary Camera View Code
Note: Press the Triangle button to keep up with your car.
801105E0 000C
255 Points Cheat
80115EB4 00FF
Infinite Cash In Account Cheat
80115DA4 C9FF
80115DA6 3B9A
Infinite Pursuit Time Cheat
8005E1EE 2400
Unlock Raceway 1 Cheat
80115D34 0001
Unlock Raceway 2 Cheat
80115D30 0001
Unlock Raceway 3 Cheat
80115D38 0001
Unlock Durham Road Cheat
80115D2C 0001
Unlock Celtic Ruins Cheat
80115D24 0001
Unlock Snowy Ridge Cheat
80115D10 0001
Unlock Dolphin Cave Cheat
80115D18 0001
Have Gold Trophies Cheats
WorldWide Roadster Classic
30115F81 0001
Regional Club Circuit
30115F82 0001
Super Sedan Challenge
30115F83 0001
Grand Touring Competition
30115F84 0001
International Supercar Series
30115F85 0001
GT Racing Championship
30115F86 0001
Weekend Road Racing Classic
30115F87 0001
Twilight Open Series
30115F88 0001
International Open Road Tour
30115F89 0001
Knockout Challenge
30115F8A 0001
Corvette Pro Cup
30115F8B 0001
Porsche Pro Cup
30115F8C 0001
Endurance Racing Competition
30115F8D 0001
Open Road Knockout Challenge
30115F8F 0001