No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Gameshark Cheats


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Access All Difficulties, Levels, & Videos Cheat
300D1616 0002
Access All Characters Cheat
300D1617 0007
Time Is 0:00:00 Cheat
8001CC62 2400
Access Trick Trail Cheat
300D161D 0001
All Tire Upgrades
300D162B 0003
All Gear Ratio Upgrades
300D162C 0003
All Brake Upgrades
300D162D 0003
All Front Suspension Upgrades
300D162E 0002
All Rear Suspension Upgrades
300D162F 0003
All Frame Upgrades
300D1630 0003
All Wheel Upgrades
300D1631 0003
All Bike Upgrades
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
50000701 0000
300D162B 0003