Reel Fishing 2 Gameshark Cheats


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All Rigs Cheat
800656B4 FFFF
800656B6 FFFF
300656B8 00FF
All Reels Cheat
800656B0 FFFF
300656B2 00FF
All Rods Cheat
800656A8 FFFF
800656AA FFFF
300656AC 00FF
All Bait Cheat
800656BC FFFF
800656BE FFFF
800656C0 FFFF
All Flys Cheat
800656C4 FFFF
800656C6 FFFF
800656C8 00FF
All Fish Caught Cheat
3006517C 0046
Start With 99 Fish Cheat
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or higher to use this cheat.
E0069EA8 0000
30069EA8 0063
All Fishing Spots Cheat
80065190 FFFF
80065192 FFFF
30065194 0012
80065196 0315
80065198 0504
8006519A 0706
8006519C 0908
8006519E 0B0A
800651A0 0D0C
800651A2 1310
800651A4 1614
800651A6 0017