Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Demo Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Mod Chip Enable Code Must Be On
D0185200 FFFD
80185202 2400
Infinite Health Cheat
800C9E78 00C8
Jill Has Infinite Item Usage All Slots Cheat
8006D22A 2400
Fine Condition Cheat
300C9E7F 0004
Have All Files Cheat
800CF314 FFFF
800CF316 FFFF
All Maps Cheat
300CF30F 00FE
300CF313 00FE
Have 10 Slots Cheat
800CF446 000A
Hyper Mode Cheat
800D1734 0002
Press L1+Square To Access The Item Box Anytime Cheat
D00C9A18 0084
800CF114 0200
D00C9A18 0084
800DD3AC 0002
Have Magnum With Infinite Ammo 1st Position
800CF31C FF05
Have Rocket Launcher With Infinite Ammo 2nd Position
800CF320 FF0A
Have Gatling Gun With Infinite Ammo 3rd Position
800CF324 FF0B
Have Assault Rifle With Infinite Ammo 4th Position
800CF328 FF0F