Silent Bomber Gameshark Cheats


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All Characters Cheat
800D7D28 FFFF
Overall Time Is 0:00:00 Cheat
800D7D18 0000
Maximum Score Cheat
800D7E84 FFFF
800D7E86 0FFF
All Targets Destroyed Cheat
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
C20D7E3E 0001
800D734E 0000
Invincibility Cheat
800D73F8 0000
Infinite Health Cheat
800D73BC 4000
800D73BE 0006
Infinite Jumps Cheat
800D3CAC 0001
Infinite Napalm Liquid
300D7E2A 0063
Infinite Paralysis Liquid
300D7E2B 0063
Infinite Gravity Liquid
300D7E2C 0063
Infinite E-Chips
300D7E2D 0063
Maximum Set Bombs
8019147C 0006
Maximum Lock-On Range
80191E00 0006
Maximum Defense Field Power
80192784 0006