Sim Theme Park Gameshark Cheats


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Money Never Decreases Cheat
80088D62 2400
Maximum Gold Tickets Cheat
80103358 0032
Press L1+R1 To Stop Date & Press L1+R2 To Start Date Cheat
D0109C36 F9FF
80066E78 000C
D0109C36 F9FF
80066E7A AE04
D0109C36 F3FF
80066E7A 2400
Infinite Money In Practice Park Cheat
801D565C FFFF
801D565E 0FFF
Access Level Cheats
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use these cheats.
Access Lost Kingdom Prehistoric World Cheat
D01ED972 0001
111ED972 0001
Access Halloween Realm Of Terror Cheat
D01ED9AA 0001
111ED9AA 0001
Access Wonder Land Land Of Dreams Cheat
D01ED9E2 0001
111ED9E2 0001
Access Lost Kingdom The Park Time Forgot Cheat
D01ED98E 0001
111ED98E 0001
Access Halloween Ghost World Cheat
D01ED9C6 0001
111ED9C6 0001
Access Wonderland Enchanted Island Cheat
D01ED9FE 0001
111ED9FE 0001
Access Space Zone Star Park Cheat
D01EDA36 0001
111EDA36 0001
Infinite Stock Cheats
Shops Infinite Stock Cheat
8005E4DE 2400
Rides Infinite Stock Cheat
8005EA72 2400
Sideshows Infinite Stock Cheat
8005E20E 2400
Features Infinite Stock Cheat
8005E376 2400
Roller Coasters Infinite Stock Cheat
8005E646 2400
Guards Infinite Stock Cheat
8005D87E 2400
Mechanics Infinite Stock Cheat
8005D722 2400
Janitors Infinite Stock Cheat
8005D5C6 2400
Researchers Infinite Stock Cheat
8005D46A 2400
Entertainers Infinite Stock Cheat
8005D30E 2400
Prehistoric World Cheats
Infinite Money Cheat
801D56B8 FFFF
801D56BA 0FFF
Quick Research For Rides Cheat
D01D561E 0000
801D561E 00FF
Quick Research For Shops Cheat
D01D563A 0000
801D563A 00FF
Quick Research For Sideshows Cheat
D01D5656 0000
801D5656 00FF
Quick Research For Features Cheat
D01D5672 0000
801D5672 00FF
Quick Research For Upgrades Cheat
D01D568E 0000
801D568E 00FF