Spider-Man Gameshark Cheats


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Infinite Health Cheat
D004B1BE A622
8004B1BE 2400
Infinite Webbing Cheat
D0048C42 AE03
80048C42 2400
Transparent Spiderman
8003ECDE 2400
Access All Movies Cheat
800A5710 FFFF
800A5712 FFFF
Access Level Select Cheat
800B4F80 0001
Access All Costumes Cheat
800A5708 FFFF
800A570A FFFF
Access All Characters In Viewer
800A570C FFFF
800A570E FFFF
Access All Comic Collections Cheat
800A5714 FFFF
800A5716 FFFF
Access Story Boards
800A56DC 0102
Access Game Covers
800A5718 FFFF
800A571A FFFF
Big Head Mode
800B4FA4 0001
Show Debug Info Box
800B4F8C 0001
Enable Debug Pause Menu Cheat
800B4F8A 0001
Show Meters
800B4F74 0001
No Meters
800B4F74 0000
Invulnerable Cheat Enabled
800B4F6C 0001
Access What If Contest
800B4F5C 0001
Access Everything
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code.
50000A02 0000
800A5708 FFFF